Light Three

One of our most popular lights. These are used in Starbucks, My China resturants, WeWork NYC, Defina Pizza, Freshii, Panera Bread, and many other commercial and residential settings. All Steel minimal hanging fixture with fully integrated LED.

Hex light one

Hexes and Globes. The all new Hex Light One. Constructed of steel, then cleaned, stained and buffed by hand to create a truly unique one-off Ombre finish. The bulb position can be adjusted to be hidden inside or lowered and exposed as shown. Includes the 40W globe bulb that’s a killer 4.5” diameter. Cluster these beauties for a great look! 

crater pendant

Steel sheet, long shade. 5” dia x 10” tall. Before the shade is formed we take it out back and shoot it full of holes with a trusty shotgun (no, really) to create the holes and indentations.